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  1. 2009.04.09 Acer 안드로이드 데스크 탑 소식

Acer 안드로이드 데스크 탑 소식

Android 2009.04.09 13:18 Posted by 모튜

얼마전 Acer의 Android Netbook 소식이 있었는데요, 이번에는 데스크 탑입니다.

아래 기사 참조.

It’s no rumor that Acer is testing Android Netbooks… along with just about everyone else. But what about Android as the operating system for a Desktop PC? Whether or not the idea is a good one and further, if it would gain traction, is an impossible question to answer - but Acer is trying to do just that.

According to Gearlog (via CrunchGear), Acer held a press event last night and mentioned that they already have a prototype Desktop PC running Android! This comes by way of reliable tweet - if there is such a thing - from LanceUlanoff who is also a writer at

I’m not sure I could envision Android has a standalone OS on a full featured Desktop PC, but who decides what a Desktop PC should and shouldn’t be? Why couldn’t Android be a part of a hybrid Desktop PC that converge a number of existing technologies much in the way the Android Hub hopes to do?

An Engadget article quoted Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci and Product Manager Jim Wong as saying of their Android Netbook prototype “it has a good chance” of making it to consumers while they were unsure of the Dekstop PC prototype. But since Phandroid readers are the brains of the techworld, you tell us…

How do YOU envision Android working on a Desktop PC environment… if at all?


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