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  1. 2009.01.23 구글 CFO "더 많이 감원 하겠다"

구글 CFO "더 많이 감원 하겠다"

Android 2009.01.23 10:18 Posted by 모튜


구글은 현재까지 100명의 직원을 감원 했었는데 CFO Patrick Pitchette는 필요하다면 더 많은 수의 인원을 감원 할 것이라고 애기를 했습니다.

Credit Suisse analyst Spencer Wang asked if shareholders should expect the company's costs to remain fixed going forward. Patrick answered:

"We really have a cost structure that is labor intensive and we have a lot of flexibility in our model. We're going to manage our company responsibility in that sense."

 Translation: We have 20,000 employees -- don't believe we won't can a few more of them if we have to.

Scary for employees, great for shareholders -- that's why we call him Google's secret weapon.



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