얼마전 블로그에서 소개해드린 KDDI의 셋탑박스가 안드로이드기반이 아니라고 모토로라에서 밝혔다고 하네요.
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Insert sound of brakes screeching to a halt.

Just got this email passed to us from Maura over at Edelman.  It seems like the “au BOX” is not what we previously reported, and hoped, it would be.

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) would like to clarify that contrary to some recent reports, the set tops supplied to KDDI by Motorola to deliver the operator’s “au BOX” service are not based on Android. The platform used is in fact Motorola’s KreaTV platform for set tops which is based on Linux and there are no plans to produce an Android-based version.

The “au BOX” service allows mobile customers to transfer content between their home entertainment systems and their mobile devices. Motorola’s KreaTVTM open software platform for set-top devices is designed to enable operator customers to easily add new functionality and services at any time, allowing the system to grow according to their business needs and customer demands. KreaTV is compatible with a wide range of OS middleware and Digital Rights Management (DRM), and supports multiple different video formats ranging from MPEG-2 SD to H.264 HD, DVR, and hybrid.

The powerful multimedia set top also offers video encoding capabilities to allow users to upload video from their personal video recorders and then transfer it to a mobile handset. It can also play DVDs when linked to an external monitor. The set top can additionally serve as a portal for internet web browsing, enabling users to access a wide range services and user generated content in addition to the option of purchasing music and video content from online stores.

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    제 블로그에도 au Box를 소개한 글을 올린 적이 있는데, 오보였군요. 살짝 당황스럽습니다. :-)